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Multimedia business segment is run by PT Innovate Mas Indonesia and PT Eka Mas Republik, the Company’s subsidiaries

Total homepasses owned by the Company until the end of 2017 was 525,677 homepasses. Those homepasses reached 87.6% of total target in 2017 of 600,000 homepasses.

Meanwhile, total customers at the end of December 2017 were 102,252 customers, increasing if compared to approximately 76,000 customers at the end of December 2016. However, due to intense competition in multimedia business, the number of customers only reached 63.9% of the 2017 target of 160,000 customers.

In 2017, the Company had also successfully performed efficiency for equipment and infrastructure expenses. Furthermore, the adjustment in service price and types also resulted in ARPU of USD 24.1 in 2017, increasing 28% from ARPU in 2016.

Total revenues from multimedia business was USD 31.7 million in 2017, increasing 118.4% compared to previous year’s revenue of USD 14.5 million. Due to the lower number of subscribers achieved, the revenues from the multimedia business only reached 74.8% of the 2017 target of USD 42.4 million.