Sustainability Highlight

The Company realizes that the achievement and sustainability of its business cannot be separated from the role and support of the stakeholders. Meanwhile, the sustainability of the Company’s business will have an impact, either directly or indirectly, on the shareholders, employees, communities – especially those reside around the operating areas of the Company and its subsidiaries, as well as other relevant stakeholders. The Company also realizes that the CSER programs carried out and the measurement of the application of sustainability principles, especially those related to social and environmental aspects, was still limited and need to be developed. Therefore, the Company always seeks to include employees at various levels of the organization in sustainability competency development programs, so that the Company and its subsidiaries can develop CSER programs and provide wider benefits to stakeholders.

The Company is committed to carrying out its business activities prudently, responsibly, and transparently for the implementation of sustainable governance.

In designing the CSER programs, the Company is guided by the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, and Profit) approach and 7 (seven) core subjects in ISO 26000 and pays attention to various applicable policies and regulations.